New Service: User Feedback as a Service?

Lily at Notifier

When you login to Notifier dashboard next you may be greeted by our new Feedback pop up!

Now, interestingly enough we are not using a widget or plugin for this as we could not find anything that gave us the functionality we are looking for. We wanted it to also allow you all to upload valuable testimonials that we can show on our landing page.

These testimonials help us by showing other potential users the value that you all are getting out of Notifier! And they can help you all by us including a link to your company/product/site where users can find out more about you and what you do.

Now, as we started building this functionality that we estimated would take a day or two it quickly took much longer than we thought! Now of course, this was lowest priority and we were working on A LOT of other higher priority features at the same time…

But still it took longer than we expected and so we thought, “Hey maybe this is a problem other SaaS products would like solved for them also?”

We think it could work by us creating an embeddable widget into your product that pops up and allows your users to rate their experience, add testimonials and much more! You then visit a dashboard where you can see all their responses and “get notified” (see what I did there) when they fill it out. In our dashboard you could see your overall user experience metric! Maybe we could even add surveys, etc!

So, would this be of interest to you? If so please upvote it on our Feature Portal Here.